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Rent a Interactive Digital Touch Screen Kiosk

While we continue to grow in the digital marketing age, a interactive digital touch screen kiosk will help your brand reach out to potential customers.  Our interactive display screen is a great way to share information and promote your ideas.  


We offer a 55" Interactive Digital Touch Screen Kiosk to rent for conferences, trade shows, or any event.

Rent an interactive digital touch screen kiosk in Dallas, Austin, Houston San Antonio or any city in Texas.

interactive digital touch screen kiosk

Digital Touchscreen Display Rental for Events and Advertising

Whether it be a conference, seminar, trade show or a product launch, our 55" advertising display with touchscreen is sure to make a statement at your event. 


There are many reasons to rent a digital touchscreen advertising display.  Here are a few:


  • Branding of the interactive kiosk to promote your business.

  • Display your company information or products on the digital screen.

  • Give guests an opportunity to scroll through your website on the digital interactive touchscreen.

  • Product launch demonstrations

  • Interactive booth locators for trade shows

  • Interactive floor plans for conferences and conventions

  • Display digital advertising and sponsorship information on the large 55" interactive display screen

Learn How to Rent a Interactive Kiosk with Digital Display and Touch Screen

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