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Rent a Cell Phone Charging Station

We have all been somewhere and not been able to send an email or make a call because our phone was dying.  Don't let that happen to the guests at your conference or trade show.  We offer cell phone charging station rental for conferences, trade shows, businesses or any event. 


Rent a cell phone charging station in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston or any city in Texas.  Choose between a cell phone charging locker or table.

We personally deliver, setup and take down our charging stations.

Rent a Charging Station in Texas for Your Event

Cell Phone Charging Table

Cell Phone Charging Locker

cell phone charging table
  • Brand the edge with your information

  • Heavy duty portable charging station             ​   

  • Charge up to 7 devices per table

  • 3 Apple, 3 Android cables and wireless charging pad

  • Charge cell phones, tablets, and more

  • Corporate Events

  • Businesses

  • Hospitals

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Parties

  • School Functions

  • Trade Shows

  • Conferences

  • Fairs

  • Festivals

  • Concerts

  • Brand the edges with your information

  • Pin code keypad for each locker bay

  • 8 individual locker bays

  • Each locker bay includes 1 apple and 1 android cable

  • Store wallets, keys, phones, etc.

cell phone charging locker

Rent a charging table:

1 table  -  $400 a day

2 tables - $350 a day

3 tables - $300 a day

  • Brand the edge of the charging table for an additional $50

  • Pricing includes tax and all fees

  • Multiple day discounts available

phones charging at a cell phone charging station

Rent a charging locker:

1 locker  -  $500 a day

2 lockers - $450 a day

3 lockers - $400 a day

  • Brand the edges of the charging locker for additional $100

  • Pricing includes tax and all fees

  • Multiple day discount available

Affordable Monthly Leasing Available for Your Business

Includes free charger tip replacement, monthly cleaning/servicing and 24 hour support. 

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